Painting FAQ

Will you do a painting for me?

Possibly. If the subject matter and style suits my work, I will do my best. You can use the form here if you want to enquire.

How much do commissions cost?

Between £100-300, depending on size and complexity.

The biggest piece I tend to take on for individual commissions is A4 sized however, if you’re a business/writer etc and you’re interested in collaborating with me, please feel free to contact me via the contact form.

How long will I have to wait?

Usually no more than a few weeks but it depends how many I have on and how busy I am tattooing.

Where can I buy originals or prints?

Check out my shop page.

What medium/paints/paper etc do you use?

I usually use watercolour paints by Daniel Smith, Stuart Semple, brushes by Rosemary & Co and paper is always Arches cold pressed.

Any other questions?

Please use the contact form here or you email the shop and they will help you out: