Frances Anne Faith, wildlife painter and tattooist

Hi, my name is Frances Anne Faith and I am a UK based, wildlife inspired tattooist, illustrator and painter. If you check out my gallery you will see I love to tattoo and paint birds, animals, flowers and wildlife.

Originally from Shropshire and growing up an introvert, I had spent much of my time exploring the surrounding woodland, hunting for insects and any treasures I could find. Not much has changed into adulthood and so my interest in the natural world has stayed with me.

I have a keen interest in British wildlife, especially for our native birds which are the subject for much of my work. I’m not entirely sure what I would call my style but my inspiration mostly comes from 18th-19th century natural history illustrators, including but not limited to John James Audubon, Sarah Stone, Terance James Bond, and William Macgillivray. I’m also inspired by Victorian Botanicals and children’s books, Beatrix Potter, Tolkien, and Terry Pratchett.

I now reside in the suburbs of south Birmingham with my partner artist Matt Hunt and our little lurcher, Eric.

I spend most of my time painting from our home studio, working on commissions and tattooing.